N8VEM: PCB Unboxing

Posted: 04/11/2009 in N8VEM

My PCBs came in today.My first impression was that they were a bit smaller than expected, but that is a bit of a good thing. Size aside, the board is very well designed. The board is labeled well, and easy to read. Also, the parts are laid out to were soldering at least appears to be easy enough.

Empty PCB

After I finished looking at the board, I decided to pop some of the ICs in just to get a feel for what it should look like finished.  I’m still waiting for a few shipments of student samples to arrive before I order the remaining parts, but this gives a good impression. One note though, most IC legs come bent at a slight angle, but the board is designed for straight legs. I would recommend using one of the plug in sockets to straighten the legs before attempting to put them in the PCB. I mangled a few pins before I figured out this trick. PCB with a few ICs setting inside.



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