N8VEM: Pictures

Posted: 04/11/2009 in N8VEM

As promised, here are some pictures of my part testing.

First, is my generic testing set-up. The breadboard on the left is simply a byte created with LEDs (ignore the SRAM in the background). The breadboard has the IC I’m currently testing hooked up to an SX microcontroller. The microcontroller is very useful for controlling the values being input into the IC and for regulating the power. The output pins on the IC are jumped to the LEDs as well as the ground completing the circuit.

Generic SX Testing setup

Here is the same setup, while running. It’ s hard to tell which LEDs are on in the picture but when it looks much better in person.


All things considered this setup is very useful for showing how something works. I had trouble at times due to a lack of wires but other than that it worked as well as could be expected.


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