In truth, this was my main reason for starting this blog. The n8vem is an old school Z80 based computer running CP/M designed to be easy for relative beginners to build. Using easy to get dual in-line package (DIP) components and designed for easy soldering and testing. I’ve built plenty of computers before, but with modern computers you hardly learn anything by plugging a video card into a motherboard. I’m hoping to use this project to learn exactly what happens when the a signal goes into a specific IC chip on the computer, and where it goes from there. The whole thing can be put together for a little over $100.

The first step in the build process is to get the parts.  The printed circut board can be ordered directly for $20. But the rest of the parts have to be ordered from outsider distributors; parts list can be obtained from the N8VEM website.

Most of my parts are on the way, so I’m waiting for the last few shipments of parts to get here before I start.

Until all the parts arrive, I’m taking each IC and using my SX micro controller to study how the chip interacts with different conditions, but I won’t babble about that unless something particular pops up.


N8VEM Homepage

N8VEM Google Group

Hackaday Article

Z80 Wikipedia Page


Hello world!

Posted: 26/10/2009 in Uncategorized

Hello all!

This isn’t intended to be a “blog” in the usual sense. It’s mostly intended as a build log of my various projects as i go through out my life.

So, I’ll be updating as I go along.